Removing matching data

Greetings to all forum participants!
Sometimes when processing heavily “dirty” data to simplify their structuring, it becomes necessary to subtract (delete) information in one column from several columns.
An example is next.
From column 4, you need to delete all the information that matches columns 1, 2, 3. Please note that the information in column 4 is clogged and the data from columns 1, 2, 3 can occur in any order.
I apologize for disturbing, but I myself could not yet find a solution through the built-in EDT functions.
Please advise if possible.

removing data.transform (1.7 KB)

Possibly seems open to an approach using Javascript ?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make Javascript myself, I haven’t managed to learn yet. But when a respected Admin made me a ready-made Javascript solution, I figured it out and reworked (adapted) specifically for my tasks. Therefore, if you know how to solve a problem using Javascript, then I will be grateful and I will use your solution.

I am by no means a JavaScript expert.
But this seems to do the trick.

removing data-JavaScript.transform (2.6 KB)


Jimmy thank you very much for the proposed option! It works great and with good speed on several million records. Thank you! :handshake:

@jimmyhartington 's method works well. You can also use Replace.

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@Admin I thought about writing a feature request about using other cells value in the replace transform. No need then :smile:

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Column variables can be very useful, but are a bit tricky to discover:


@Admin I am grateful for the proposed solution to my question.
The solution is interesting. I tried out both of the options offered here. My personal opinion.
Plus options @Admin , clarity, simplicity of the solution and the final result you get in the original format of the table.
Method @jimmyhartington it has the advantage of high processing speed, and the disadvantage is the need to create new columns, which then also need to be processed.
By the way, is it possible to create a new “Javascript result” column through Javascript, and immediately delete the unnecessary “RESULT” column in the same script? Then the number of columns will not increase.

No. You would have to use a Remove Cols transform.