Remove Blank Rows

Comments and blank rows should be easy enough to remove using a Filter transform alone.

Admin suggested using FILTER to remove blank rows.

I’m trying to create a dynamic formula so I can apply the process on different spreadsheets.

  1. Add condition per column: Not dynamic:


I was trying some figure out some variation of
IF ( Sum of empty cell (Filter --> Loop --> if ( Row 1+n is empty) ) GREATER THAN Count of columns THEN Delete Row.

But I think I’m confusing myself.

Any suggestions? I think I’m making it more complicated than it should be.

The easiest way to remove empty rows is during input. Check ignore empty rows in the right pane with the input item selected.

But if you want to remove empty rows using a filter later on then:

  • Set Remove and Matching all at the top (in the screenshot you have Matching any selected which means only 1 column needs to be matched to remove the row).
  • For each column set Op to = and leave Value completely empty (in the screenshot it will match a value that is 2 double quotes).

We could easily add an extra transform that removes empty rows. But we are a bit wary of adding too many transforms, as it might be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

Also it is easier and more robust to do this to remove empty lines.


Very interesting. Can you provide a small set of numbers of the the before and after outcome?

Are you trying to do something similar to this person’s