Relative filepaths

I have someone who i exchange files with. When i create a transformation and zip the folder with source files and .transform and send this via Email, then the receipient can’t use it out of the box, because the path of the files don’t fit.

So one would have to replace the files with the files within the new path…

Which is quite tedious.

Thanks and best

Easy Data Transform tries to be intelligent about file paths. If it can’t find an input file in the expected absolute file position if will look for it in the same location relative to the .transform file.

For example:
If c:\myfiles\mytransform.transform inputs c:\myfiles\mysub\input.csv and you move the .transform to c:\myotherfiles\mytransform.transform it will look for c:\myfiles\mysub\input.csv and if it can’t find it, then c:\myotherfiles\mysub\input.csv.

So it should work ok as long as the input and output files are in the same absolute location or the same location relative to the .transform. The latter even works moving from Windows to Mac and vice versa.

Ok, have to check that one again, since i had the impression, this didn’t work last time i moved data around.

Thanks for getting back. You do a brilliant job, btw.

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