Regex lazy quantifier not working?

Hello everybody,

maybe am using it wrong but am really stuck with this problem.

I need to extract some data from a very long Col ( ING bank csv = drama ).

So i used Regex in Extract node, everything is ok except when i want to keep the first occurence only aka Lazy quantifying. Like that:


It returns nothing. Even when using /U

It works like a charm on any other regex interpret like this one.

Anyone as an idea or solution ?

Thanks !

I’m not an expert on regular expressions. But it looks like the implementation of regular expressions we use (Qt 5) doesn’t support individual lazy qualifiers:

But perhaps you can do something like this:

Then use further transforms to get it in the form you want.

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A more recent implementation of Qt does seem to handle lazy qualifiers. So it might be something we can add in future.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I’ll find my way with lots of transform. Can’t wait for update !

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