Regarding Duplicates


I’m new to this forum and have used EZ Transform for about a year. I want to ask more of a concept question, hoping to receive a few opinions.

I have written code for marking duplicate records. One of the utilities in the app will (currently) enable the user to merge data at a column level. So, each subsequent column value in the dupe group is concatenated in the surviving record’s column, separated by a user-selected delimiter.

What other options should be available? What do you folks do when you have “left-over” information? What do you do if the surviving record’s column is empty, but the duplicates have data in theirs?

Thanks for any thoughts…

Do you mean the Unique transform?

If you are using Unique to take only the first value in rows with duplicate keys, then you can Sort the rows before the Unique, to ensure that blank values come last.

Thanks, that’s very helpful!


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