Reformatting order CSV: 1 row for each product column


Wow, I’m so pleased to have found Easy Data Transform. What a great tool!
I’m currently using the trial but am absolutely sure it will be able to do what I need. The FAQ’s and guidance seem extensive, which is great. However, my challenge is I don’t know what question to ask to achieve the result I need :slight_smile:

This gist is I need to reformat a CSV to get a row for each product (and add some other static data, which I imagine would be straightforward enough).



Branch_Name Address Product1_Name Product2_Name Product3_Name
Branch1 Address Qty Qty Qty
Branch2 Address Qty Qty Qty


Branch_Name Address Product Qty
Branch1 Address Product1_Name Qty
Branch1 Address Product2_Name Qty
Branch1 Address Product3_Name Qty
Branch2 Address Product1_Name Qty
Branch2 Address Product2_Name Qty
Branch2 Address Product3_Name Qty

I have been rummaging around in the FAQ’s looking for something that looked like it might do the job but I’m not making much progress so far, so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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The Gather transform will do what you need:

gather.transform (1.6 KB)

Ps/ The best way to quickly find the transform you need is to type keywords into the transform filter.


Sweet baby Jesus, this product is amazing!
(I realise I shouldn’t get so excited over a bit of software - I clearly need to get out more)

Thank you so much. Off to the races now :smiley:

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