Referencing a Cell in an IF statement

Currently when completing an if statement, you have to manually type the data. What if the data is in the spreadsheet.

What I am trying to do is say if “todays date” is greater than or equal to …

I want to be able to reference a cell because I have a date baked into that cell. I cannot share data I guess because im a “new user” or I would show you the CSV

You can reference data in a column for the THEN or ELSE (but currently not the IF). For example:

Does that help? If not, please copy in a few lines of the CSV as text and then the result you want.

This is helpful in a few ways. one, it answers the question and 2 it lets me know that there are formulas you can use like $(h3) which is not intuitive. Is there a how-to for that kind of stuff. Ill admit I have not read through the manual, so please just direct me there if its in there and ill figure it out.

You can click the question mark next to the button or at the top of the right pane.