Really trivial bugette, so more of a note

If a script runs with the output being set to ‘overwrite’ when the file is already open in , say, Excel’, it (obviously) fails.

However, closing the file and requesting a re-run has no effect - it just sits with the error. Changing the output status to ‘disabled’ and back to ‘overwrite’ triggers a re-run.

This is really an observation for general reference, and I don’t class it as a bug.

I cannot confirm this observation. I have this a lot of time, a file is open and overwritten. When closing the Excel you need to take care that it is not stored, When I open the file created by EDT again it was correct for me so far (on Mac OS, I cannot speak for Windows)

So if you close the Excel spreadsheet and run the output again, everything works as expected, either in autorun=checked or autorun=unchecked.

But if autorun=unchecked then you have ‘Run all’ rather than ‘Run unprocessed’ to repopulate the output node. Is that the issue you are referring to @yorkeman ?

It would make sense for ‘Run unprocessed’ (Ctrl+R) to also re-run items with errors. I will try to fix this for the next release.

Also ‘Run unprocessed’ should also be enabled if there are 1 or more error items.

It does fail with the red x (as one would expect) if the file is open in Excel (windows, I should have stated that) but I’ve double checked it and it’s my error. I clicked ‘automatically run changes’ expecting that to re-run (not thinking …) , and I should have hit ‘re-run selected items’.

Sorry all !

Currently ‘Run unprocessed’ is only enabled if there is > 0 ‘unprocessed’ item. Also it will only run ‘unprocessed’ (question mark) items. I think it should also take acount of error items. I’ve made that change, ready for the next release.

Should now be fixed in this snapshot: