Ran out of memory

When loading in an XML file of 1.5Gb the software just runs out of memory with no way of continuing any suggestions on how to fix this?


Is this on Windows or Mac?

On Windows we have been finding it hard to reliably trap ‘out of memory’ exceptions, which means that Easy Data Transform can gobble up all the memory and then can’t exit gracefully. We are hoping to find a fix for this. It seems able to exit reliably on Mac.

When importing JSON or XML (which are tree structures) into Easy Data Transform, they are ‘flattened’ into tables. If the tree is deeply nested the table can be much bigger than the tree. So this can cause problems for big datasets. Are you able to create a sub-set of the full file? If so, try reading that in and experiment with changing Format in the right pane between Wide and Long. Once that is working, save then click on the ‘browse’ button and change the input file to the full size XML file. For an explanation of wide and long see: