Populate missing fields based on another field + delete 1st in a group of lines

For group of records that have the same value in a specific field, I need to 1) populate empty (missing) fields based on an non-empty field and 2) then I need to delete the first line of the group.

This is complicated and I am wondering if this is even achievable in EDT.

Step 1

If the imported CSV has more than 1 line with the same Buyer Username (in this case there are 4 lines), I will need the EDTto populate the missing values in the fields D6-D8, E6-E8 and F6-F8 based on the value in the fields D5, E5, F5.

Step 2

I will need EDT to delete the line 3 (That is always the 1st line with the same user name).

Can this be done in EDT?


I suspect it may be doable with a bit of cunning and judicious use of Dedupe, Fill, Offset and/or Unique transforms. Can you please add (or email to support) a simple example CSV/Excel file and the corresponding CSV/Excel file you want, so I can be sure I understand correctly and have some data to work with.