Override File detection by it's filename extension

I have a very lousy program that outputs my reports as “whatever.xls”. But in fact the file is a tsv (tab-separated values)

EDT does a beautiful job processing the file… but I have to manually rename them to “whatever.csv”, because if not, EDT tries to open an Excel file.

So, can I override this?



That is lousy indeed!

You could go to Preferences>Input extensions and change the default type for .xls into Delimited text.


Uncheck Run>Auto run and then manually change Type before you run it.


Delete the program that decided using .xls as an extension for TSV files was a good idea.

I am guessing the last one isn’t an option. ;0)

There are programs that can monitor a folder and automatically rename files that are added to it. Perhaps that would save you some time?

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I process XML files as text all the time. If the type is set to ‘plain text’ EDT simply reads the XML in that format, and nothing has to be changed in the input file, so you should be able to set the type in the transform.


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You can change it in the input (or output). The file type isn’t relevant for transforms.