Output to one xls with variable sheet names

i want to output to multiple new sheets in one excel file.

the sheets don’t exist. so i would be writing to a newly created sheet. i want the name of the sheet to be the value in a field.

for example, if i had [cities] with 50 unique values and each city had other related data, then i want one file that had 50 tabs where each tab was a city name and the contents of each tab would be the related data.

i understand that i can have variable file names. but can i have variable sheet names that come from field names? what would be the best way to do this?

See Split according to row values at:

Only, instead of writing to multiple files, you are writing to multiple sheets of 1 file. So the output column will have the file and sheet name, e.g.:


multi-sheet.transform (1.9 KB)

that was helpful. i did a successful quick test.

i think that the thing i wasn’t sure about was what would happen when you have an output column with the same value. and after your reply and a quick test, i understand that the “write mode” of “overwrite” won’t overwrite previous rows.


  • within a run, it appends (each row), and
  • between runs (when overwrite is chosen), it overwrites .


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Yes, unless you set Write mode to Append.