Newbie - Consolidating Data for data migrations

Hi All,

I’m currently involved with implementing new time recording solution and as part of this I need to migrate from multiple legacy time entry systems. So I was looking for a suitable transform tool to help me get the data from the source system into the right format/structure.

However I am not sure how to go about this particular transform!

The time entry source records are by day , so each row is a day/date with hours, user and project.

The target system accepts weekly data records with a weekly 7 day period being SMTWTFS.

So I need to consolidate the daily timecard data into different groupings based on Week, User and Project (there are other but this is a proof of concept for now).
There can also be missing days as maybe time was not entered for a date.

data attached

Any ideas on how best to achieve the ‘expected result’?

Any help much appreciated!

sample timecard source data.csv (1.5 KB)
sample timecard result .csv (536 Bytes)

See attached.

consolidate-records.transform (5.1 KB)

wow! that’s impressive!

made it look so easy ! many thanks for this , I will follow up again as will likely have more questions!

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