New Color Schemes

We have been tweaking the color schemes of Easy Data Transform. We’ve added some more ‘modern’ color themes. We’ve stuck with pink=input, blue=transform and green=output for all these schemes. But you will also be able to set your own custom color scheme. Eventually we hope to also add an optional ‘dark’ UI on both Windows and Mac.

Which is your favorite of the color schemes below?

Are there other applications you use day to day whose color schemes you particularly like? Please add a screenshot here.

Color scheme B followed by A

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B and F! A Dark UI is a very appreciated improvement on my end.

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Currently I am only working on the Center pane colors. But hopefully we can offer the option of a full dark UI at some point on both Windows and Mac. it will depend on whether the user interface framework we use (Qt) supports it.

Style A for the light them and Style D for the dark theme are my picks. -Thanks

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