Multiple "easy open" options

Hey Andy!

Still loving this program. We have about 40 different transforms we use for the company and its a great tool.

One of the recent features that you added is the “pencil” that pops out the data into a spreadsheet. Its awesome and we use it a lot. The one issue is that if you already have one open, it wont open any others. Could you code it to where it just opened a second. Right now if I download a file multiple times it will be Book1 and then Book2 etc. That would be an awesome add. OR is there another way around this short of going and closing the last easydatatransform book?
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 10.03.47 AM

Hi Patrick
If you open a file by clicking on the pencil (edit) icon in the right pane of a transform, it writes the data to a easydatatransform.csv file in a operating system temporary directory. It then tries to open it in the local editor associated with .csv files (often Excel). This may fail if you have another editor with a previous temp/easydatatransform.csv open.

I guess we could choose a random temporary file name instead, so that you could have multiple of these temporary files open. The issue with this is that Windows (not sure about Mac) does not clear up temporary files. As responsible developers, we don’t want to clutter your temporary folder. Especially as some of the files could be large. I guess we could try to clean up any temporary files we have created on exit.

I will give it some more thought.

The other thing to note is that you can double click on a transform to see the data fullscreen, without opening it in an editor. (only 1 dataset at a time though)

Makes sense on the data and the temp files. I guess its never bothered me before on the temp files so I never thought about it. I use a Mac and the rest of the team uses PCs. just as an information point for you. its not a ton of steps to go close the old file, but im always a fan of taking away clicks if possible.

The double click should be able to work temporarily. I do like the ability to use excel to filter etc, which im much faster at in excel (csv).

I would be surprised if it is quicker open a temporary file and filter it in Excel then it is to add a Filtertransform in Easy Data Transform and then view the data in the right pane (perhaps double click to full screen). Especially for large datasets.

Ill give it a try and let you know!

You can now open multiple temporary files in v1.34.0.

Wow! What made you decide to do this finally?

I could see the use and it was fairly straightforward.