Multilevel pivot table

"Hello! I’m currently working with a table, and I’m exploring the possibility of implementing a multi-level pivot functionality, akin to Excel pivot tables. I’m interested in summarizing data at different levels based on a specific field.

While experimenting with concatenating columns to achieve this, I encountered a challenge when attempting to split the concatenated values using the ‘split cols’ function. Unfortunately, ‘split cols’ operates on individual columns, which could become cumbersome when dealing with multiple columns.

As a feature request or suggestion, it would be fantastic to have a mechanism similar to Excel’s functionality. For instance, the ability to drag and drop the pivot column (or row) for easy organization, and the option to nest aggregations for a more flexible and intuitive data summarization experience. This could greatly enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of the tool. Thank you!"

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Multi-level pivot is on the wishlist and is a possibility for v2.

I’m not convinced dragging and dropping rows and columns is more intuitive than the current drop-down lists.