Move columns to new rows

From a customer I receive a list of orders, where multiple departments orders are in one row.
I would like to “move” certain columns to new rows like the picture below.

I have tried to look at all the transforms, but can not seem to find one which matches my need.

Does anybody have a good idea of how to achieve this?

And here is an Excel-file with test data. It contains two sheets. One named Input and another called Desired Output.


This works, but it is a bit lacking in elegance:

jimmy.transform (4.0 KB)

There might be a more elegant way to do it with Gather. But I couldn’t quite work it out.

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Thanks. This has gotten my down the right path.

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I ended up using the “Split rows”. But before that I copied all the other columns and moved them in place. Then I can stack it with other data in the file.

So it looks like this:

The transforms in the red box are the ones with the split row.

If anybody want to study the transform file it can be downloaded from here: - Droplr

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