Merging multiple columns (highlighting unique values)

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to the developers for their excellent software.

I use EDT with great pleasure.

I am currently experiencing problems in solving the following task.

It is required to merge columns based on the principle of their complete coincidence.

Let me give you a table as an example. In the input information (columns B - K) there are repeated values. In the example, I gave ten columns, but there are more than twenty of them.

It is necessary to ignore repetitions in values and put unique values in a table with fewer columns.

The solution through the “If” function does not help, since there are quite a few columns.

The ideal solution would be to reduce the columns from 10 to 4, well, or from 20 to 5 for example.

What I would like to get as a result, displayed in the picture (out fragment). To simplify the work, the file is attached.

example article.transform (1.2 KB)

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You can probably do what you want with Gather and Spread, but it is a little tricky. Here is my attempt with a simplified version of your input (you didn’t upload your input file). Hope fully that will get you on the right line. There may be a more elegant way.

gather-and-spread.transform (5.4 KB)

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I am very grateful for this solution to my problem.
Everything suits me. It is only necessary to take into account that the number of lines increases significantly. For example, from a file with 450k lines, after GATHER 7-9k lines are obtained. But it works pretty fast.
Thank you!

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