Merge excel template with sheet

HI, I have a spreadsheet that needs to go into an excel template with the company information in the top four rows. When I stack or join the two sheets. How can I get sheet two (the information) to start after row 4 of the template?

Thank you

Can you add row number on the second sheet, then filter where row number is greater than 4, then remove the row number column. I think this achieves your objective.

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Alternatively, if the template is only 4 rows long, just use the Stack transform to merge the two sheets vertically. Make sure the template input is higher up the screen so it is stacked first. You probably also want to set Align columns by to Column number.

Please post a couple of example sheets here as .csv files if you are still having issues (they don’t have to be real data).

Thanks for the suggestions but my highlighted rows and large text is made into normal text on the export so it easier to copy and paste my sheet into each template.

Easy Data Transform doesn’t preserve Excel formatting information during the transformation process.

You could append your extra data to the template file on output, so the formatting is preserved, but it will modify the template file.