Merge/Concat headers from first two rows to headers

I would like to concat the first two rows with a “-” delimiter to make them headers, but for life me can’t figure this.
Basically Column3 12-Cutting , Column 12-Insole and so forth

Post .transform (2.4 KB)

PS : I know column 1 & 2 are easy

The Header transform is your friend.


Post2.transform (2.8 KB)

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Didn’t recognized the Header transform before …

Did solved it in the same moment the Header solution was posted, too, as I was curious. But in a much more difficult way :face_with_peeking_eye::woozy_face:

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@prashant you are aware that the fill in your example filled the data fields to the right, too. If this is not intended, you should add RowNumbers and filter in parallel for row number <=2 and >2 do the fill only in the part with the first two rows and stack the result again, remove the row number row and use the Header transformation afterwards.

This was teh concept I used in my solution as well the long row of
Transactions was just for the first two rows.

“There are many ways to skin a cat”

Some are easier than others. ;0)

HOLY WOW !!! This is amazing, so simple

Thank you for this effort

Yes that was intentional . Can you post your transformation file @Olaf , so I can replicate your technique once?

Hi @prashant,

attached my transformation. I moved the fill as described above as I thought it was intended only for the header part.

Post Header adapted.transform (6.5 KB)

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