Merge but only content, not rows?

Hi, I have lost some data in one of my spreadsheets. I have an old backup however rows have been deleted since the original was made. Can I merge the two sheets but only fill the missing content? I don’t want new rows added in. Thanks

Is there a unique field, such as an id field? If so, you can stack the old data under the new data and then use Dedupe to remove any repeated fields. It will keep the first field with each unique id, so old duplicate should be removed.

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I read your question again. If you don’t want to merge values into existing rows, without adding new rows, and you have a unique identifier for each row, then:

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Thank you, I think I’m going to stack the sheets by category headers and delete anything that isn’t a duplicate. Then delete the duplicates. That should, I hope, leave me which only want I need.