Matching Info From 2 Files

Hello, I have 2 files.

  • Both files have names and addresses.
  • One file has names, addresses and emails.
  • The file that has emails doesn’t have an email for every name and address.
  • File #1 is the file with only names and addresses.
  • File #2 has names, addresses and emails.
  • I would like to have EDT look at both files and match up the addresses and only give me the emails from File #2 that match up with the names and addresses that it found in File 1.

Sorry for the confusion. I can think it better than I can explain it.

Thank you.


Try this out,

Transform file.
MatchingInfo.transform (4.1 KB)


It is often helpful to show a couple of rows from each input file and the desired output for this input.

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I tried to upload a file with example rows and it said new members are not able to upload.

Hello Anonymous, thank you for the help.

Try pasting it as text, e.g.:



1 2
3 4

The second one is markdown format, which Easy Data Transform can export.