Manual processing option

Currently Easy Data Transform waits a specified number of seconds until after you have stopped changing options and then runs all transforms that have been changed (and anything downstream). This is very convenient for small to medium size datasets, but doesn’t always work well for large datasets. So we are currently working on an optional mode where you can control the processing manually. You will be able to switch back into the old automatic processing mode with 1 click.

Here is a sneak peak:


We hope to have a snapshot you can play with in the next week or two. But there are a lot of issues to work through. So no promises.


would like it a lot, if you need somebody to test …

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I will put out as snapshot release as soon as it is in a usable state.


That is wonderful, being waiting for this, wish you all the best and pray that all goes smoothly without major headache for you.

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Hi Andy,

I have something, which is in the widest scene related to your idea of manual processing option. There are functions (like filter and sample) which can be switched on or off. Would it it be possible (in one of the future releases) to get the transformation boxes marked with different color codes in dependency if they are on or off. To have it visible directly in the overview?

That is a good idea. I will have a think about the best way to do it. Probably not a different icon. But perhaps a line through the ‘Filter’ or ‘Sample’ name on the box. I will give it some thought.

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my idea was that the icon get just a different color, e.g. green when it is on and red when off. If something like this is possible

That would be easy to do. But icons show the state of the item (calculated, needs calculation etc) whereas I see disabling the transform as a processing option, rather than a change of state.

I love this idea and its a long one coming. Its going to be very useful for my workflow.

In v1.34.0 you now get a warning (orange circle) if a Filter or Sample is disabled. Note that you can also use View>Show row/col changes to see at a glance if the number of rows and cols is changing.

Hi Andy,

it did cost me a little time to get what happens with the option. It is a very nice and useful feature, but it is not mentioned in the documentation (or I don’t find it). From my perspective it is worse to be explained there with the little symbols in boxes.

We should probably mention it in the documentation. Perhaps in ‘expert tips’.