Loose link when saving?

Hi, my excel sheets have clickable links which I lose when I use Easy Data. I need these clickable links to be HTML codes. At this time I need to join the two sheets and have the clickable link return with < href=“clickable URL”>View Link

Is it possible to do this?
Thank you

Easy Data Transform outputs as text, number or date. However you can either:

  1. Output HYPERLINK() functions to a .csv file and open this .csv file in Excel.

For example use the Substitute transform to turn:



See this .transform file for an example:

urls.transform (1.6 KB)

This will then display as a clickable “Google” link in Excel.

(There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this for writing to .xlsx files)


  1. Output to a .xlsx file and manually modify the appropriate column type to hyperlink format:
    (you will need to do 2 again if you output the .xlsx file again)


We have just put out a new snapshot release, that will allow you to output hyperlinks directly to Excel (rather than having to output to .csv and then loading into Excel). For details see section 13 here:

Note that you need to download the v1.11.4 snapshot from this page to get the new feature.

Here is an example .transform file showing this feature:

hyperlink.transform (1.7 KB)

How do I put the download in the software? FYI: I’m researching this software for the company I work for, that’s why I’m asking questions for when I give them my review.

You just need to download the Windows or Mac version from the bottom of the page I linked. it will install a new version (v1.11.4). You can uninstall older versions at a later date.