Lookup with combining all values

I have a stupid effect using lookup and gathering all bottom values. I did it for field which include numbers. It result sometimes then in like 1,8 or 7,9. With this I run into some problem in Excel where the data is loaded when the files are formatted as number only without decimal places. I get a 2 and 8 presented. and if there is only one comma value I cannot differentiate. My current issue I could solve with a replace, but this will not work in every case.

Is it possible to add an own defined “Delimiter” like in the “Concat Cols” function in “Lookup”?

Currently you can’t change the list delimiter in Lookup. I will add that to the wishlist for future releases.

Until then you can either:
-change to a local that uses . instead of , for decimals
-use a Replace to change , to _ or some other character
-do the Lookup
-use a Replace to change , to some other character
-use a Replace to change _ back to ,

Not very elegant, I’m afraid!

Thanks. Currently I could solve it with replace, as written above. As you said it is not very elegant. SOhopefully you find an easy way to implement a delimiter solution for the future.

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@Olaf this is now implemented in the latest snapshot release:

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Thanks a lot, it works :clap:

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