Left, right, mid, len string operators

I am trying to isolate some information in fields (strings). I was out of luck with REGEX (need to learn a lot about it). The point is that I need to get a part of a text that is between ( ) and for in other occasions, after a /. Having use string operators, it will be a lot easier to me. (Not enough knowledge in JavaScript to use the JavaScript transform)


String operators will work if the text you want to extract is always in the same position, e.g. between character 3 and 10. Use Chop, Extract or Split Col.

To extract text between parentheses using Extract and regex when the position is variable:

You could also use Split Col twice with ( and ) as delimiters. It’s a bit clunky though.

i don’t know regex well enough to generate it from scratch. i use regex tools to help me.

and now i use chatgpt (free version). try it to get what you specifically want.

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this is in another post because, as a new user, i could only insert one image in a post.

Thanks for the RegEx expression, I will test it.
I had used the chop, extract and split, it works, but I was trying to get a more concise solution [there are some fields with / and there are others with ()]
Thinking on it, maybe the only two additional functions a LEN (to know how many characters in one string) and FIND (to figure out where to start to extract)
But I think that I need to strengthen my knowledge of regex (any good source? what version follows EDT? (python, pearl, javascript, etc.))

The Calculate transform has a Length option.

The Easy Data Transform regex is based on Perl regex.

There are lots of online regex resources such as: