Keep Newest date in two columns

Hi, I have two columns of dates. I want to merge these two columns but only keep the newest of the two dates in a row. Can I do that?

Thank you


  • Stack the 2 datasets.

  • Sort descending by the date column.

  • Add a Unique transform.

    • Set the unique key column to Keep unique

    • Set the date column to Keep first

NB/ Make sure the dates are in a format shown in Preferences.

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Simple example:

keep-latest.transform (3.0 KB)


Thanks, the two date columns are on one sheet but I can make it two sheets.

You can do it within EDT, depending on your input file, do two parallel “remove” tasks, maybe you need to rename and then you can process with the stack to merge the split data sets as in the example give by Admin.

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