Issue mounting the Mac .dmg on macOS 14.4 beta

Mike H. reported that DiskImageMounter is crashing on macOS 14.4 beta when mounting Easy Data Transform .dmg files (v1.46.3 and earlier versions). This appears to be a bug in macOS 14.4 beta. We can’t reproduce it on the production versions of macOS we have.

Charles W. reports this workaround:

I opened the Apple Disk Utility in the Utilities folder, then went under the File menu to Open Disk Image, going to the Download folder I selected EasyDataTransform and it mounted as normal and let me install the update.

We are looking into fixes, in case the the macOS 14.4 production release doesn’t fix the issue.

Some more information on the issue here (we use DropDMG to create the .dmg file):

it only applies to the macOS 14.4 beta, and Apple says the bug is fixed in the next beta. You can mount the disk images on your Mac using DropDMG or hdiutil.