Insert data from one row back and forward

that is what I have table:

1. colum 2. colum 3. colum
row1 (=data1) 1.colum data1 2.colum data1 3.colum data1
row2 (=data2) 1.colum data2 2.colum data2 3.colum data2
row3 (=data3) 1.colum data3 2.colum data3 3.colum data3
row4 (=data4) 1.colum data4 2.colum data4 3.colum data4
row5 (=data5) 1.colum data5 2.colum data5 3.colum data5

what I need to have table:

1.colum 2.colum 3.colum
2.colum data1 3.colum data2
1.colum data1 2.colum data2 3.colum data3
1.colum data2 2.colum data3 3.colum data4
1.colum data3 2.colum data4 3.colum data5
1.colum data4 2.colum data5

Is there one who’ll be so kind, can describe me what I have to do?

thank you verry much

the tables:

what I have table.csv (355 Bytes)
what I need to have table.csv (243 Bytes)

You can do it with the Offset transform:

offset.transform (2.5 KB)