Insert blank first line

Seems to me like an easy task but I could not find any way to do it:
I would like to add a blank line/row as the first line/row of my table.

Tried to use “New Rows” but after the option

For: Rows where

it is not applicable for me anymore. I can’t use the contents of the column but want to base it on the line number.

Do I first have to create a new column with line numbers?

Anybody any ideas?

You could do it by creating an dataset with the same headers and 1 empty row and then Stack it above the current dataset.


You can do it by adding a row number and then adding a blank row above row = 1.

blank-first-row.transform (2.8 KB)

It is a bit clunky though. Perhaps we should add to New Rows in the For option:

First row
Last row

So you could do:

New Rows
Number added: Same for every row
Number value: 1
As: Blank row(s)
Location: Above each row
For: First row

Gosh, you are fast! Thanks a lot… and yeah, that I meant with my last line: create a new column with line numbers. So I was actually on the right track - but it would be great if this could be easier.

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There is now an easier way to do this. Please see: