Inputting JSON datasets

Previously EDT would only input JSON if its top level was an array or an object containing a single array. We’ve now relaxed that so that it will try to make sense of any valid JSON. You can try this here:



We notice that some ‘JSON’ files (such as some GeoJSON datasets) seem to contain multiple top level objects without comma separators, like this:


This is not valid JSON. It should either be:




Is this invalid JSON commonly used?

It looks like these files with multiple top level objects are following the spec. We should be able to support that.

Very interesting. I’m not sure I have experienced a json data set as described above.
Now I’m going to be up all night looking for one to experiment with.

There seems to be lots of GeoJSON data in the object per line format at:

v1.13.2 Snapshot 3 can’t handle this format, but the next release will.