Indexed or outline formatting

Let’s say I had a table of clients - name, address, phone, company, and I wanted to output formatted client text:

Name: John Doe
Address: Something Street
Phone: 555-1212
Company: IBM

or an outline:

John Doe
		Something Street
		Somewhere, USA

Is there a way to create formatted text files from CSV, TSV, Markdown, that can be used as an input to contact, outline, or mind map applications?

I tried using \t, \r, etc. to see if I could merge and format the data in the columns, however, the ‘\t’ format is written as a literal. Considered trying to work out some kind of RegEx formula, but I would have to set one up for each new format, (if I could even figure it out).

An obvious solution to me would be to put TAB, RETURN, etc., keywords as delimiters, and/or possibly some variable instance setup for labels. I could, also, use ‘Insert’ to prepend labels or TAB(s) or to append RETURN(s). Have I overlooked something in what I’m trying to accomplish?

This is all doable. See attached.

dl.transform (4.7 KB)

The trick is that you have to copy and paste in the Tab from somewhere else (e.g. in a text editor) as typing Tab in Easy Data Transform will just jump to the next field.

Note also that Easy Data Transform can also export in vCard format.