Improved Memory Management / Better Auto-Save

My experience:

  • After performing several undo actions in a row on a complex file, EDT displays an error message that it is about to shut down. Dismissing the error message closes the application and unsaved changes are lost.
  • Opening EDT, the application offers to open a recovery file. However, the recovered file has multiple issues, including missing column names.

I request that if the application must shut down due to memory issues, some resources be reserved so that the user has the option to save the file. If this is impractical, I ask for a more robust auto-save feature so that the recovered file, even if it does not have all of the most recent changes, at least has all the content and configuration of the file when saved. For me, the current recovery feature is of no value, since the effort to correct the errors in the recovered file far exceeds the effort to start again.

Can you reproduce the undo crash reliably? If so, you give me some details how. If we can reproduce the crash here, we can probably fix it.

Does it make any difference if you do the undo operations quickly, or with time in between?

When a crash occurs, it means that the memory is messed up and there is a limit to what we can do in that state.

I am uncertain regarding the precise combination of factors to test to see if this can be reproduced reliably. It would be very time-consuming to attempt to identify the right combination. I was performing several undo operations because I had added four transforms between two existing ones and the results were not acceptable.

I tried to reproduce the crash here, without success. If it happens again, please let me know if you spot any pattern. Also the version of Easy Data Transform and operating system it happens on.