How to use the IF to reference a specific cell value


I want to make a unique sample ID in a separate column using the values from 2 columns (x and y) and a unique value that is located in cell A1 (Reasearch:…) e.g.X64Y084_2022022-00.

I am not sure how best to do this, Is it possible to reference a specific cell using the IF function instead of the variable column $(1)?

Any help would be appreciated:)

you can use the “AND” in an if transformation:

Instead of $(1) you can use $(name), to make it more clear what value is used.

I add a simple example, not using your values, but I hope it make the methodology clear.

IF_w_AND.transform (1.7 KB)

Hi Olaf,

Thank you for your reply. That helps with part of the problem, but is there a way to get it to reference 1 cell and not a whole column?

I don’t get what you intend to reach, but in case you want to have the value in the complete column check the “fill” transaction, which you can add after the “if” transaction to fill the column with the value. But the typical use of if is, as in Excel, to get the value of the row in that column where the conditions are met.

If Fill doesn’t help you should show with a concrete example, use the table, what you intend to do.

Sorry my explanation isn’t clear. I want the value in cell A1 (circled in the above image) to get copied into a column. So i can than make an unique value using the dispatch number from A1 and the X and Y column.

I have now managed to get the value i wanted into a column, using filter, new row, row number and then the join function. Which i can now manipulate to get the unique value i need. However this might be the best way to do it.

can you publish the transform file, to check in detail? And the input csv

Sorry i get “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” when i try to upload it

got it down to 4 steps:

See bottom part in the transform file. There might be even better solutions.

GERDADownloads_2.transform (6.7 KB)

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That´s much easier! Thank you:)

just another solution following your initial approach, but using cross instead of join, so you don’t need to create rows in dependency of the rows in the source file.

GERDADownloads_3.transform (8.8 KB)
Added again at the bottom of file

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