How to deal with Dates in Easy Data Transform

Hi there,
I have a text/String column in a CSV.
This column is the Month in 3 letter format, like Jan, Feb, Mar ,

How would one be able to convert Jan to a 2 digit number like:
Jan —> 01
Feb → 02
Mar → 03

I don’t have any other Date type data type in the file.

Hope someone can let me know how to do this.

You can do this very easily with the DateTime format transform (previously called Date format). Just change the format from MMM to MM. Note that how MMM is interpreted depends on the locale chosen in Preferences.

datetime.transform (1.7 KB)

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Wow, that looks really great and very simple.
Did not know that this software can treat a string of MMM as a Date-Data Type and then you would be able to use Date-Functions on it.
That is really amazing.

I will give it a try.

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