How to add Dynamic Data to a Filename in ToFile

Is there any way to add dynamic data to a filename in the ToFile module? Appending today’s date for example?

Yes, if you use the batch processing feature:

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Is there a way of running batch processing from a cmd line, so that you can add the dynamic data when running from there, without having to rename in the bat file after the file has been output?

Do you mean to change the input or output file name based on some dynamic information?

You can do that by setting an input or output file alias. For example in a Windows .bat file to change name of the output file with Alias output1 depending on the date:

set dd=%DATE:/=_%
"C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyDataTransform_v1\EasyDataTransform.exe" "C:\Users\andy\Documents\myfile 1.transform" -file output1=C:\Users\andy\Documents\data1_%dd%.csv -cli

See also ‘command line arguments’: