German text in tables, characters get deleted

I got .csv files from the German Parliament.
One column contains the title of the motion.
The German Ää Öö Üü letters are not recognized in EDT. It is replaced with an ? in the preview and completely deleted (like cut out) in the output file.


Any chance to help with this?
I tried to change the language in the preferences to German and changed the fonts as well. No effect.
Is there more to do?
Working on macOS Big Sur and EDT 1.19.1

It is almost certainly a text encoding issue. Nothing to do with font or locale. Most text now is encoded in UTF8, which Easy Data Transform uses as its default. But perhaps the German Parliament is using something different. There is no reliable way to tell the encoding of text from the text. So, if they don’t tell you what the encoding is, you may have to experiment. Easy Data Transform supports all major text encodings (60 of them).


Great. Thank you very much.
Works. ISO Standard.

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