Generating a Markdown format website from a CSV file

Here is a simple example of using a dataset in a CSV file to generate a simple website with:

  • a markdown format page for each row in the CSV:


  • a markdown format index page, with a link to each page created:


Here is the flow:

You can then use your favorite tool to convert the Markdown files into HTML.

The dataset only has 10 rows, so only generates 10 pages + the index. But it could just as easily handle thousands or millions of rows.

The input file:

meteorites.csv (1.1 KB)

The .transform file:

database-to-markdown.transform (5.3 KB)

Outputting to Markdown format puts everything into a Markdown format table. We didn’t want to do that, so we created the page Mardown format ourself using a Substitute transform:


Then we output it as plaintext with a .md extension:

Note that you could use the same approach to output to PDF, HTML or other text based formats.