Future Request - Batch Processing - Relative Folder

Currently I need to provide the file names with path

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyDataTransform_v1\EasyDataTransform.exe" 
"C:\Users\andy\Documents\myfile 1.transform" -file output1=C:\Users\andy\Documents\data1.csv -cli

Is it possible to supply relative path to the file I am running ?

Say I define all my file runs and outputs relative to below location

"myfile 1.transform" -file output1=data1.csv -cli

If the .transform is a relative path, it will be expected to be relative to the location of the Easy Data Transform executable.

If input or output paths are relative, they will be expected to be relative to the current working directory.

Can I ask for a small example ? Assume files are stored in c:\edt\sale

cd c:\edt\sale
"C:\Program Files\EasyDataTransform_1_46_0\EasyDataTransform_1_46_0.exe" "C:\Users\andy\Desktop\batchtest\batchtest.transform" -file "test=test.xml" -file "output=output.csv" -cli -verbose
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