Finding week number from Date

I know it in excel I can have it format the date to the “week number”

Ex: Date = 01/03/2023
Week = 1 (as it’s within the first week of the year).

I searched the topics and was looking at the date/time format options and dont see anything.


Try Calculate and WeekOfYear.

If your date is MM/dd/yyyy format and there could be any ambiguity, make sure that is at the top of your Dates in Preferences.

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This is great. Really appreciate it as always. I did try to search this in the forum first. I hate asking questions that, like this, end up being an obvious answer. Is there a better way to search that would help in the future? Short of going transform by transform…

Try typing keywords in the transform filter.


awesome. got one more coming your way on an “if” statement im not able to figure out. going to search first. back shortly.