Filter Description when lots of filters applied

I liike the new “filter description” that shows up now to simply show what the filter is doing. However, with one of our conversions I have noticed that it can cause some functional issues. See the image for what im talking about. That box gets so full that it makes the filter difficult to use.

The reason behind this filter is that these filters are not all added at once. They get added over the course of 3 weeks. Then deleted and then the process starts over. Otherwise I would use a lookup or something like that instead of a filter. Any thoughts on another way to do this? Maybe a lookup spread sheet that I populate instead of using the filters?

We should probably truncate the hint string (with an ellipsis) long before it gets to that length!

Filter isn’t really intended to be used with that may terms. I would suggest creating a lookup table (e.g. of a CSV or Excel) file, e.g.:

Code Status
63001 Keep
63002 Remove
63003 Keep

Then use a Lookup to lookup the Status for the Code.


Then Filter on the Status.

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The tip text will be truncated in the next release.

delayed thanks here. appreciate it.

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