Extracting tabular data from an image using Excel

Here is a useful tip if you only have an image of your data table and you have Excel:

  1. Copy an image of the table into the clipboard.
  2. In the Excel Data tab select:
    Get Data>From Other Sources>From Picture>Picture from clipboard.

We have had a play with in and it seems to work fairly well. For example it turned this:


Definitely double-check the values though!

Once your data is in Excel, you can use Easy Data Transform to transform it or convert it to other formats.


These are the kind of tips , newbie like me should see !

Thanks! I didn’t know this existed. Very glad to have seen it!

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I find that it works pretty well for images which you need to convert to an Excel file (with your proviso that you check the data afterwards). Excel helpfully highlights cells which is unsure of, so if you check those it will ensure a better result.

However, for a PDF which has been produced electronically and that has the data embedded in it, Excel often makes something of a pig’s ear of converting it. For these situations your suggestion of Tabula for converting PDF tables is a much better route in my experience.

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