Extra output options

There is a snapshot release with some additional output options for JSON, XML and delimited text. It is probably only worth downloading if you need these features.

  • When outputting to JSON or XML you can now uncheck Remove Empty in the Right pane if you want to output empty values.

  • When outputting to delimited text, such a CSV, you can now choose set Quoting in the Right pane to:

    • As needed to add " quotes around values that contain the delimiter character, " quotes or carriage returns.
    • Always to add " quotes around every value.
    • never to never add " quotes around values (delimiters and carriage returns within values are replaced with spaces).

Download links:

Windows: https://www.easydatatransform.com/downloads/EasyDataTransform_1_12_2_shapshot_2.exe

Mac: https://www.easydatatransform.com/downloads/EasyDataTransform_1_12_2_shapshot_2.dmg

What was the default before this release EDT 1.12.2 shapshot, as needed, always, or never?

The default previously was ‘Never’ for .t* (e.g. .tsv) and ‘As needed’ for everything else (e.g. .csv).

That remains the default for newly added output items.

The snapshots have now been superceded by v1.13.0: