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Not sure if this has been requested before, but here goes.

I often am using EDT to run reports for clients. Taking one data set, say timecards from across an organization, and then distributing them to multiple users via email. What I currently do now, is just put the name of the recipient in a notes box next to their output just to remind me who gets what file. It would be awesome if I could make those notes into a hyperlink that would execute a command to open up an email to that person. It would be double awesome if you could do that where the data was already attached.

Im wondering if there is a way I could automate that with my computer. “any time data is saved to this folder, attach it to an email and open the email”. then I could just add the names.

at the end of the day, its pretty minor in terms of time saving per step, but I do this A LOT so that would for sure add up.

just a thought!

I’m not 100% clear how you do it. If you are on MAC, I would try KeyboardMaestro for such automation (


You can quite easily create an HTML file with mailto links. You can then click on the edit (pencil) button to show it and click on a link.

Note that I have written to the file as plain text to stop it HTML encoding things.

You can also write mailto links to Excel as hyperlinks.

See attached.

emails.transform (2.4 KB)

Not sure about integrating too deeply with email. We don’t have any plans to become a general automation tool, as there are lots of those already.

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You can 100% do it in via automation using keyboard maestro on OsX, for windows I don’t know a general automation tool but I use ETL-tools , highly recommended but an absolute overkill for above only scenario .

Windows user can chime in here .

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