EDT filename only on Windows taskbar thumbnails

I tend to have several .Transforms open at the same time.

Hovering over the EDT icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen displays a row of thumbnails, one for each running or ‘fullscreen’ .Transform. Unfortunately the thumbnails all look identical, (currently) displaying *Easy Data Transform v1.23.2 *. This makes it hard to successfully jump from one instance of EDT to another.

Would it be possible to display just the .Transform file name without path on these thumbnails at the start of their titles? Likewise within EDT, IMHO the banner across the top displays rather too much information. All I really need is the file’s name without the path.

Windows 10 EDT v1.23.2

Keep up the good work.

Sometimes it is useful to display the full path.

Perhaps it would be better to display the path before the application name?

I will give it some thought.

Andy, Thanks for your quick reply.

Having path and filename before the application name across the top of the screen would help ‘readability’ within EDT itself.

Unfortunately given the length of a typical path, this still occupies too many characters for the filename itself to be visible on Windows taskbar thumbnails - this is my primary concern.

Rather than displaying:

C:\Users\JGM\Documents\East Data Transform\Test and Trace.transform

it would be great to display just:

Test and Trace

Off topic: dark mode is a real game-changer.

I notice that Excel does what you are suggesting. so that is probably a good model to follow. I don’t really like that you can’t easily see the path of the file though.

I think some people really like dark mode and others hate it. So it is configurable. ;0)

I have changed the main window title as requested. Please see:

Andy, EDT Snapshot release 15-Feb-22.
Thank you for altering the main window title to display the transform name without the path. A small tweak, but it makes switching between multiple running transforms so much easier.

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Glad that helps. I’m still trying to think of any easy way for the customer to find out the full file path without having to do a File>Save as.