Easy Data Transform v1.22.0 now available

Easy Data Transform v1.22.0 is now available for Windows and Mac.

Improvements include:

  • Faster Sort transform.
  • Faster initialization of new Filter, If and New Rows transforms.
  • Case-sensitive matching option for Join, Lookup, Subtract and Intersect transforms.
  • The option to remove empty columns on input.
  • The layout of newly added items in the Center pane is improved.
  • Fixes issues relating to cascading column changes.
  • Fixes a crash bug caused by clicking on the Center pane during processing.
  • Fixes some issues where pop-up windows did not appear on the same screen (of a multiple screen display) as the main window.
  • Fixes an issue outputting non-latin (e.g. Arabic) text to Excel on Mac.

Find out more and download the release at:

We strongly recommend upgrading to this release.

Please let us know if you have any problems with it. Feel free to reply to this post with any feedback on this release.

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