Easy Data Transform newsletter 17-Mar-2022

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The fuzzy Dedupe works great.
I can easily find names that are or are potential dupes
Now, I realize what do I do now that I have the dupes identified. I’m trying to create an easily repeatable transform that will allow me to identify/select the “correct” dupe and replace the incorrect ones.

If you set the Mode to Add duplicate information then the duplicates are marked in an additional column. You could then potentially empty some columns and Fill them down from their non-duplicates. Or you could export to Excel and edit them manually. It depends what your goals are.

If you are confident in ET’s choices after a dupe-check you could save the unique records as those that have no group number or those that have a group number and are marked False. The others are the remaining duplicates; and can be saved by using the alternative selection of those records that have a group number and are marked True.