Easy Data Transform newsletter 04-Mar-2024

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Congrats on announcing V2

If you are exploring SQL , consider doing a SQL lookup as well :smiley:

All my scattered CSVs , can finally find a home in SQL

Lots of work to do yet!

An SQL transform would be very useful. Also the ability to talk direct to SQL databases (e.g. via ODBC).

Concerning v2 comparison feature:

I currently use EDT to produce clean & structured monthly xlsx reports, then I use https://xlcompare.com in order to compare monthly outputs. It is super smooth and fast. What took up to half a day now takes max 15 min, thanks to EDT and XLC. When you want to compare Excel is so rubbish. For that process I don’t use Excel anymore, only EDT and XLC (I even stopped with py scripts as well).

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We have used BeyondCompare extensively for file comparison. But hopefully v2 will be good enough not to need separate file comparison software, for same use cases anyway.

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Sounds great Mr Andy!