Duplicate rows by cell value

This is my first post and I hope I’m not asking something that is already answered. I use Excel to duplicate rows by cell value with the help of kutools. Can I do this in Easy Data Transform?

We have just written a New Rows transform that does this. We are hoping to release it as a snapshot release later today. Watch this space!

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Thank you, this is a great help to me. BTW I love this program!

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Interesting, the idea is to have the ability to “Repeat” columns or rows based a value stored in either a column or row.

It is based on the value stored in a particular column, which can vary row to row. Alternatively you can set a fixed number of copies to create for each row. You can also set criteria for which rows to copy. You can also make the rows blank and add them above or below. There are quite a few options!

If you download the snapshot release from this page:

it will have the new New Rows transform. Check the advanced checkbox in the left pane if you can’t see it. let us know if you have any feedback.