Display nicety for large transforms

For large transforms it would be nice if a group of transforms that started with a single input and ended with asingle output could be displayed as a “folder” that you could open or close. It would help declutter and simplify the transform development process and avoid the need for scrolling or scaling the window.

I realize it could be a daunting UI change, but I for one wouldn’t mind it being a paid upgrade.

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It is high on the wishlist for v2. Probably doesn’t need to be constrained to a single input or output.

Perhaps something like this:

Maybe even folders within folders.

Lots of details to work out though.


Great idea.
It would be grand if it were possible to copy and paste, or save as snippets, those groups.
I often need to apply a set of transform to other data, it would be a time saver.
I understand that the issue to be addressed would be row/column mapping to the first transform of the pasted group.

Feature request

We are hoping in v2 to save the column names when a transform is disconnected then try to restore them when it is reconnected.